img_3340Here I am in all my glory. Male, 23, Illinois. I’ve been a fan of writing for as long as I can remember. I used to write so many short stories when I was a kid on my blue IMac. Writing credits include: This blog. Some say I look like my mom, some say I look like my dad. I don’t have an opinion on that, I just know that I wasn’t adopted. I can’t tell you why I’m obsessed with kangaroos, I just am. My favorite color is yellow. My favorite movie is “The Holiday.” My favorite number is 47. I chose 47 because my birthday is 7/4 and I thought 74 would be too high. Also I get hangry a lot.


This is my precious angel baby from heaven, Sadie. She is 4, and she is everything. She has many likes and dislikes. In terms of likes, it’s food, bellyrubs, and long walks. In terms of dislikes, it’s most people, loud noises, and sudden movements. She was rescued about a year ago, but ran away for months at a time. We now have a baby gate in our house so that she can’t get out unless we’re going for a walk. She’s like our little prisoner, but not in an “Orange Is The New Black” way. She’ll come around someday. Until then, we’re just patient and cautious of this sweet little muffin.

img_4456Brett and I have been dating for 5 years as of March 2017. We are getting married July of 2017. July 9th, to be exact. July 9th happens to be the same anniversary of Anna Faris and Chris Pratt, who are a Hollywood couple that I adore the shit out of. If you’ve never listened to her podcast “Unqualified” you aren’t properly using your time and you should be ashamed of yourself. Brett and I own a sweet little townhouse together in Northern Illinois where we spend most of our lives watching Netflix and eating anything we can put ranch dressing on. We also do puzzles sometimes because we genuinely enjoy working on them together. The biggest fight we have is about how many pairs of shoes he owns. Granted, I have a lot too, but he’s getting out of control, y’all.

Enjoy these photos, as I’m not going to post more. Just check my Instagram–that’s literally what it’s for.