My Eighteenth Blog

A few weeks ago it was 90’s night at a bar. There was a cover band scheduled to perform, and I wanted to go. Usually I like to stay home, usually I like to create a cocoon of blankets and snuggle up with Sadie. It’s what dreams are made of. This particular event really sparked my interest though. This particular event actually sounded like FUN. So we went.

I wasn’t going to show up to a 90’s cover band show not looking the part. So I went into img_5170my closet, found a few things, and pulled together a 90’s outfit I was proud of. White t-shirt, a red flannel tied around my waist, acid-wash jeans torn at the knees, red converse, and a black baseball hat intentionally worn backwards. The only thing I was missing was a Tamogatchi key chain delicately hung from my belt loops. It was late, I didn’t have time to go out to 13 Good Will stores to find one. Sue me, aiight? Though my outfit wasn’t 100% complete, it wasn’t going to stop me from dancing the night away. We got to the bar and the band had already started. Only a handful of people apart from the band were dressed up, but I didn’t care. We got our beers and grabbed a table. We stood at the high top for a few songs, screamed our lungs out singing along to the classics of the 90s. It wasn’t until I heard the beckoning call of “Jump Around” that I left my post. You cannot sit still when the birthday party song from Mrs. Doubtfire is on. That is just one of those things that you DON’T DO. Kind of like singing “Single Ladies” without doing the hand motions. If you don’t do them, you’re wrong and must be destroyed.

Okay, a little harsh, but that’s just a topic I feel very passionate about, mmkay?

We danced all night. With strangers, with friends, with each other. Britney, *NSYNC, P!nk, and so many more blared through the speakers and into my heart and my SOUL. The band only got better as the night went on. The night only got better, but was unfortunately cut short by a very drunk man and a homophobic threat.

At that point, we had to leave. With the world where it is right now, I wasn’t going to stay and find out if he was serious or not. Whether he would have actually gotten violent with me or not it doesn’t matter. I am who I am, and I’m not going to change that for anyone.

The lesson learned here is that if there is ever a 90’s cover band performing near you, GO.




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