My Tenth Blog

I was watching the HBO show “Girls” (for the fourth time) and the season 5 finale really gave me a lot to think about. If you’ve never seen the show, it’s about girls in their twenties, trying to figure out life and who they are all the while living in New York City. The main character, Hannah Horvath, is trying to make it as a writer, as are some of us! In that episode, she went to a “open-mic” type event for short stories. These particular stories they were instructed to tell were about “jealousy.” I really liked this idea. I liked the idea of being given a one word prompt to work with. Today’s post will follow the “Girls” prompt–Jealousy.

As much as I hate to admit it, I am a millennial. In my defense, it’s my parents fault for having me in the millennial generation. See? I already proved my millennial status–blaming others for my actions as a person. I can’t deny it–we millennials suck. We are entitled, we are lazy, and we do feel like our opinions are the only ones that matter.

Sure, we can change these attitudes if we really want to, but as mentioned before, we are so fucking lazy. Why would I change my own behavior when everyone else in the world should?

I see so many people out there who have made names for themselves via YouTube, or Twitter, and I wonder–why isn’t that me? I’m just as talented as them, I’m just as funny as they are–so why do I only have 244 followers on Twitter?

What I lack is the drive to promote myself. I don’t care to put the work in that it takes to become “Internet famous.” I’m just waiting for that “home-run” tweet to launch my stardom to the next level. Fuck the next level, I want to move up 100 levels! I’m waiting for someone to take a random picture of me bagging groceries at Target so I can have my 15 minutes of fame. Put me on Ellen! Give me a lifetime supply of Vans! Put me on Dr. Phil so I can say something like “Back at it again with the ‘cash me ousside'”

I keep hoping that maybe someday I’ll grow out of this. That I’ll finally get my shit together. What I’ve learned is that there is no reason for me to be jealous of those more successful than I am. I can’t be jealous of someone who has worked their ass off getting to where they are, when I am not willing to put in that same effort. Until that day, I’ll still be writing blogs, tweeting funny things, and posting too many photos of my dog on Instagram.


9 thoughts on “My Tenth Blog

  1. If you enjoy being prompted, WP do a daily prompt ( that you might want to check out. I often write poetry or short fic for those, though I don’t do it every day as some of the prompts don’t appeal, or I want to blog alternative stuff.

    And here’s a thought from a still-trying-to-get-there non-millennial: Success and fame do not automatically equal happiness. You never really know what’s going on inside a person’s head, and it could be that some of those very successful folks you envy are bitterly unhappy or constantly disappointed in themselves. Strive for happiness, whether happiness means success, fame, or just having an awesome plate of spaghetti bolognaise to come hope to at the end of the day. For happiness is the true measure of success. 😉

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