My Ninth Blog

I can’t tell you how much time I spend looking into my dog’s eyes and wondering what it is that she is thinking. What goes through her head when I’m home, and when I’m not. Sure, I have ideas about what it could be, but I’ll never truly know what she’s thinking–how she’s feeling. Thinking on this further, I decided it would be an interesting post if I wrote in her perspective. So here you have it; a moment in the life of Sadie.

I’m hungry. How do I signal the people to feed me? I could always jump onto their bed and wake them up. They’d probably think that I just want to go outside. I could do that too. I’d like to go outside. Outside is fun. That’s where the other dogs are. I like the other dogs here. They are all really nice. Riley makes me a little nervous though. He has too much energy for me. 

“Come on Sadie, let’s go for a walk!”

YES YES YES LET’S GO FOR A WALK. I hope that Charlie is outside today, I haven’t seen him in a while. He never really likes to play with me outside but someday he will! I wonder if it’s cold outside today. I hope it’s snowing, snow is my favorite. There’s no snow today. That’s okay. I like sniffing the grass too. No other dogs today either. That’s okay too. This is a nice walk. It’s a little cold, but I’ll be inside soon. I’m hungry. Maybe when we get inside I’ll get some food.

“Are you hungry, mama? Do you want some food?”

I do want food. I want food very much. I feel like this is a lot of food. I can’t eat all this food right now. I’ll save this food for later and come back to it later. I like my house. I like my bed. My bed is the best. I like my toys too. I haven’t figured out how to make them squeak like the people do. The people are really good at making the toys squeak. I wish that the people were playing with the toys with me right now. The people look at that box all the time. I don’t really get as much attention when they look at the box. That’s okay though, I get to nap. I like naps. Sometimes there are dogs on the box. I like to look at them. 

“Sadie mama, come cuddle on the couch with Daddy!”

I would like that. I would like to cuddle very much. I want my belly to be scratched. I want to sit right next to the people and take a nap. I feel comfortable with my people. My people love me. I love my people. 


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