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I hate to say this, but I’ve had a really easy time planning my wedding. Maybe it’s because we’re two grooms, maybe it’s because we both know what we want, or maybe it’s because neither of us are batshit crazy.

SIDENOTE: I am batshit crazy, just not about weddings.  

Naturally, I’m really excited about my wedding. However since I am the first of my friends to get married, I’ve realized how much time I spend talking about it. Since I’m a somewhat decent human being, I also realized that constantly talking about my wedding probably isn’t the best thing to do. You know what though? I DON’T CARE. Guess I’m not that great of a human. Oh well! LET’S TALK WEDDING.

Venue: Booked.                    Officiant: Booked.                    Photographer: Booked.

 Save the Dates: Sent.         Music/Entertainment: Booked.

I feel as though I’m so ahead of the planning but at the same time still so behind. A lot of what is left is simply purchasing items here and there. Centerpieces, groomsmaid™ dresses, and a cake topper. Seriously guys, I’ll trade my kingdom for a damn cake topper that my fiancé and I can agree on.

Really quick–can we talk about how weird weddings are? I mean, sure, it’s beautiful to commit to someone in front of everyone you know and love, but at the same time I can’t help but feel like a wedding is also a time to gather everyone you know in one place to show them that you ARE worthy of love. It’s like the best high school reunion ever. Yo everyone look at me! I bagged me a dude who doesn’t judge me for my kangaroo collection! True story guys. I have a shit ton of kangaroo stuff.

SIDENOTE: I have my own room for all my kangaroo stuff. It’s my home office, but still guys. Brett gave me a whole fucking room of our house for my kangas. True. Love.

I’m not sure what I’m more excited about; to marry the love of my life, or to see 100+ people enjoy themselves at the biggest party I’ve ever planned. I cannot relax if there’s someone out there having a “bad time.” I’m fairly confident that my wedding will be a lot of fun for everyone because we’re having it at a zoo, we have a lot of exciting things planned, and (mostly) because there’s an open bar. Whatever the case–this wedding planning process has been a dream. I know that not all brides/grooms to be have this same experience. Until any speed bumps come up, I’ll be here, counting down the days until I can look Brett in the eyes and say “I do.”


11 thoughts on “My Second Blog

  1. Awww yes!!!!! Talk wedding all day!!! This is your time and you guys marvel in your love. Love the Kangaroo collection room. That really is true love ❤️ proud of you guys and I am so excited for wedding day. It’s going to be amazing!

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  2. Just talked to a friend of mine yesterday who is getting married in 4 months and he and his fiance haven’t planned a single thing yet; they’ve only sent out save the dates. I hope things actually work out. Kudos to you for having stress-free planning. 🙂


  3. I had just attended the wedding of my cousin the other day and oh my, so many issues on the wedding planning! It literally became the most talked-about topic for the guests. So congratulations (yay!) on having a stress-free wedding planning SO FAR. Enjoy! 😊

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  4. The planning (amongst a shit tonne of things) is why I cringe at the thought of marriage. That ain’t for me. I’d have to be seriously strong-armed and she’d have to be so perfect that I lost IQ points every time I came within six feet of her. You’re a braver bloke than I am bud. Haha


  5. Good thing you are fairly well on top of things with your wedding planning, I wish I was that organised! I got engaged in July 2016 and had our Engagement Party in October. I said that I wouldn’t start planning until after New Year and here I am, nothing planned, nothing even started really. We are looking at getting married in April 2018, which means now would be a good time to start planning so we have plenty of time, but for some reason I can’t bring myself to start and that scares the shit out of me, because I am a pretty organised/planner kind of person. I don’t know if I’m anxious or if I’m just having a freak out for the sake of it!

    Will anything kangaroo be making an appearance at your wedding? Here in Australia they are everywhere and I mean everywhere, well at least where I live.

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    1. Once you get the ball rolling, it’ll just keep going! It’s a long process but you’ll figure it all out! Enjoy the time off of wedding planning! Once you start it’s all you’ll want to think about! If you’re in Facebook, there’s an amazing group called “The Wedding Connection” that can answer your questions and give you some great ideas!

      Our wedding is going to be at a zoo, so yes! Kangaroos will be present! In the states we don’t have Kangaroos roaming around, but if we did I would be in heaven!

      Congratulations on your engagement!

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      1. Thanks for the advice. I will certainly check out that facebook page. A Zoo wedding, that is certainly original. The best part is that it is uniquely you. Believe it or not, since I last commented, my fiance and I started the ball rolling tonight. We started on the guest list and possible venues to suss out. I think you post kinda made that happen so thank you kindly 🙂

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